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We supply a large range of ICT equipment ranging from desktops, laptops, servers, network devices and peripherals. Any networking and facility related implementation also can be realized with our great team of experienced network administrators and designers.

Data Center Presence

Locally hosted in Malaysia, by Malaysians for Malaysians.

40+ Years of Experience

The company was formed by a team of very competent professionals who have a combined experience of 40+ years in the Information Technology and Power Fields.

Our Mission

At Saint Systems, we have a mission to be Malaysia’s most trusted service partner. We aim to deliver an exceptional level of service with emphasis on innovation and efficiency.


Managed Services





What do we do?

The business landscape evolves on a daily basis. Businesses today struggle to keep up with the ever changing dynamics of running their business and keeping customers happy. Doing both puts considerable pressure on both staff and operational resources.

IT operations being a critical component of most businesses necessitates additional focus and resources to keep running. This usually takes away significant resources and focus from the core business. An increasing number of businesses have made the move to outsource their IT operations to a trusted partner to help them with day-to-day management of their IT infrastructure. This allows them to focus on initiatives that make a difference to their customers and grow their business.


Consultancy & Planning


Disaster Recovery & Planning

Managed Services


Saint Systems has a comprehensive suite of solutions to address all of your business needs, along with the technical expertise and support you won’t find anywhere else. Saint Systems Managed Services provides many benefits, designed to free you from the necessary but time-consuming tasks of monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure.

Saint Systems Managed Services benefits include:-

Comprehensive solutions to cover your ever changing business needs.


Reliable and secure services.

Reduced exposure to operational risks.

Flexible coverage plans.

Access to enhanced skills base and latest technology.

Predictable costs.


Our Range of Managed Services

With our experience and track record handling various well established names and brands, our assurance could not be any stronger. We guarantee a complete delivery and a full solution to any set of requirements.

Fully Managed Services

This is our most comprehensive service offering which covers everything from acquisition to design, management, maintenance and active monitoring. We not only become your IT partner but we work with you to be apart of your business.

We do the heavy lifting so that you will never have to worry about your IT requirements. Whatever it maybe we will cover it and grow with you.

Managed Dedicated Server

If all you need is a few servers to host a website or application but not worry about the management. Then this is the service for you. We offer custom solutions to meet your requirements and budget.

Managed Security

Our Managed Security services is designed to minimizes your organization’s exposure to threats that may compromise the security of your operation and data. Our suite of services will help you identify, assess and manage risks to your infrastructure and applications.

We provide 24/7/365 security monitoring, management and response.

Managed Network

We provide managed Internet services ranging from 1Mbps to 100Mbps depending on your requirements. We offer bandwidth services from the major Telco operators and combine it with our suite of managed services to provide you a worry free Internet experience.

Our service is highly available through the use of redundant links and backed by a comprehensive Service Level Guarantee.

Managed Firewall

We provide hardware and software based managed Firewalls to provide you end to end protection from security threats. Using the best of breed Firewall solutions coupled with our expertise and 24/7/365 support, we will design, configure and manage your security infrastructure while constantly monitoring for threats.

Managed Intrusion Prevention & Detection

Our Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention service provides 24/7/365 real-time monitoring, detection, analysis and response to internal and external network security threats. Commonly delivered as part of our Managed Firewall service we offer the 24x7x365 monitoring, risk assessment and response to effectively and proactively protect your business.

Managed Anti Virus & Anti Spam

We partner with the industry leaders Symantec and Fortinet to deliver a mix of hardware and software based Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam Managed Security services. Our suite of solutions provides the following services:-

  • Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus that detects and cleans your e-mail at the gateway and user device.
  • User client (desktops and laptops) Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus to provide comprehensive protection against all types of malware, internet-worms, Trojans, computer viruses and also block inappropriate content coming in and going out from your network.
  • Server Anti-Virus to prevent viruses from crippling your infrastructure and providing an additional layer of security to protect data vital to your business.
Managed Backup

Your data is most probably the most valuable asset to your business. We provide onsite and offsite backup solutions to protect your data from accidental deletion, corruption and malicious acts so that your data is always available to you.

DDos Mitigation

We actively monitor your network for attacks from external and internal sources. Our services aims to provides comprehensive protection from DDoS attacks by detecting and isolating malicious traffic. Our monitoring service will monitor for unusual traffic patterns and take proactive measures to prevent harm to your network.

Worried about the security of your network and data? Don’t know what’s the best approach? Then talk to us. We offer comprehensive security solutions to address a wide range of requirements.



The traditional approach have been to use one server to perform 1 or 2 network function or host a single database. As servers got more powerful only a fraction of the computing resource of a server is required to run an application. These unused resources meant wasted resources which could be used for other applications. With virtualization IT hardware can be logically split into smaller operating nodes to perform more functions independently and host many more applications on a single hardware. This ensures that rapidly depreciating hardware is put to maximum use.

Virtualization solutions from Saint Systems will help your organization concentrate hardware resources where they are needed most. This helps your organization keep pace with changing market demands and achieve a more adaptive IT environment.

Our solutions help your organization:-


Deliver the computing power required by every part of the company.



Improve agility to meet changing business requirements.



Streamline management of your server environment.


Saves your business and reduces the costs of IT.



We are a Microsoft Service Provider License partner and offer Microsoft software licensing for your server and desktop needs. Using a Pay-As-You-Go model we offer attractive licensing options at reasonable costs to help you manage your licensing requirements. We will ensure that you organization complies with Microsoft Licensing requirements.

Our clients


IT solutions can be complex and overwhelming for the uniniated. Understanding whats required, getting the right mix of servers, applications, and security solutions to maximize performance and minimize risk is often a daunting task.

At Saint Systems, our IT experts understand the solutions available to you and the technology to support your specific business needs. When you work with us, you get a refreshing mix of technological know-how along with concern for the unique needs of your business.

IT Planning

We will work with you to identify your IT requirements and plan the appropriate solutions to meet your business goals.

Vendor Management

Saint Systems will manage all IT related vendor relationships.


IT Design

Saint Systems will help you design your IT environement to help you run your business to realize the goals you have set.

IT Support

We will help you manage and maintain your IT environment at its best to minimize the potential for failure. We offer 2 level of services to match your requirement and budget – Proactive Service and Reactive Service.


Proactive Service

Through our monitoring tools we’ll detect systems that are about to fail and take action – in advance – to prevent the failure.


Reactive Service

Emergency escalation procedures allow us to react quickly to systems that have failed, getting you back online for continued business operations.


Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) is a cumulative strategy that includes a combination of people, processes, policies and technologies towards achieving maximum system uptime and operational continuity in the event of a environmental or system failure. It focuses on restoring the IT systems critical to supporting business functions.

Whether you’re a small business or a multi-million dollar enterprise your IT systems is vital towards to continued success of your business. We can help you with the right strategy at the right price to ensure that your IT systems are always up.

Talk to us today so that we may help you protect your investments and help you achieve the business success that you want. How we can help:-


Whether you need help backing up important databases or performing complete replication of your environment to a secondary site, we have the expertise, technologies, and services that your plan needs.


By eliminating single points of failures in your current environtment you improve resiliency and increase uptime. Redundancy enables your system to survive several failures before needing recovery. Redundacy also helps you quickly recover from a complete failure.


While DR solutions can seem expensive with the advent of new and improved technologies its possible to put together a solution that meets your requirements without having to drain your bank account.

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