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Saint Systems

We specialise in providing Electrical and ICT services. Having fun building businesses we are proud of, without boundaries.

Founded in 2010, Saint Systems Sdn Bhd was formed by a team of very competent professionals who have a combined experience of 40+ years in the Information Technology and Power Fields.

Electrical Engineering

Power Division

IT Solutions

ICT Division


Planning & Recovery

Our top clients

We specialize in providing Electrical and ICT services

Our people have a vast amount of experience having worked with some of the biggest names abroad and locally. We cater for small to large businesses and can tailor our services and solutions for any business requirement.

Core Values

Bold, Creative, Focused, Quick and Fun.


At Saint Systems, we have a mission to be Malaysia’s most trusted service partner. We aim to deliver an exceptional level of service with emphasis on innovation and efficiency.


To be the preferred go to partner for all of your ICT and Power needs.

What do we do?

ICT Services

Our range of ICT services include managed services, virtualization, licensing, consultancy and disaster recovery.

Hardware & Software

We supply a large range of ICT equipment ranging from desktops, laptops, servers, network devices and peripherals. Tell us what you need and we will deliver it.

Networking Services & Facilities

Any networking and facility related implementation can be realized with our great team of experienced network administrators and designers.

Electrical Engineering

We specialise in providing electrical consultancy, design, project management and implementation for domestic and large power consumers.

Electrical Engineering

With a combined experience of over 40 years we provide a host of electical and power consultancy and services. Our team of engineers and technicians are able to deliver services and complete solutions to meet your requirements and budget.

Our assurance

Assuring You Our Best Always

With our experience and track record handling various well established names and brands, our assurance could not be any stronger. We guarantee a complete delivery and a full solution to any set of requirements.


We at Saint Systems take great pride in the quality of our work. We hope that the quality of our work will put a smile in your face.


We are not in the business of second guessing ourselves. You can rest assured we know what we are talking about.


We have the desire to do the right thing by all our customers.

Electrical Solutions Provider

We specialize in electrical repair and maintenance for buildings and corporations.

Implementations Made Easy

Why worry on complex implementations when we can provide solutions for you anytime, anywhere.

Information Security

Security is not an option, it’s part of the requirements and it’s a must. We will ensure anything and everything be highly secured by our finest technology.

Our top clients

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Saint Systems Brochure

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Saint Engineering Brochure

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